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What is the Best Facial Treatment for Me?

Best Facial Treatments

The answer to the question is simple: The best facial treatment is ultimately one that achieves or even exceeds your goals.

If this sounds good to you then the key question to ask is: what are your goals?

  • What would you like to achieve with your skin?
  • What concerns do you have that you would like to improve?

Everyone’s skin goals are based upon issues with the ‘7 main skin concerns’. These skin concerns increase as we age (Except acne that is prevalent in our teens), most people have a few of them, however some are more of a concern than others. These 7 skin concerns are:

  1. Reduced collagen & elastin = Thinner Skin resulting in: Lines and wrinkles, eye bags, loose skin, drooping, reduced suppleness, volume and plumpness especially around the cheeks
  2. Increased pigmentation resulting in: Age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation (darker), hypopigmentation (lighter), Liver spots, dark spots, uneven skin tone, melasma, chloasma and dark shadows under the eyes
  3. Poor skin Texture resulting in: Coarse & rough skin, loss of luminosity, open pores, scars, pits and stretch-marks
  4. Broken veins resulting in: Spider veins, rosacea, reddening, blood spots
  5. Loss of facial muscle tone resulting in: Drooping, loose skin, jowls, double chin, eye-bags, overhanging eyelids and hollows, loss of contours and definition
  6. Unbalanced skin resulting in: Acne, problematic skin, breakouts, blackheads, excessive oil production, dryness and flaky skin, combination skin.
  7. Skin Imperfections resulting in: Blemishes, milia, skin tags, spots, excessive hair growth and facial warts

As much as clinics want to bamboozle you with ‘science’ there are actually only 3 types of non-invasive treatments to combat these skin concerns. Each treatment performs a different task:

  1. Re-surface the epidermis (Top layer of the skin) to remove the top layer of the skin and increase cell renewal
  2. Stimulate the dermis layer of the skin to increase collagen production and re-balance the oil producing glands
  3. Re-train the facial muscles to lift and tone the face

There are many technologies that perform one and sometimes two of the above 3 treatments. The most popular due to their results are: eg:

  • Lasers & IPL
  • Radio frequency
  • Ultrasound
  • Derma planning
  • Advanced electrolysis
  • HIFU
  • Plasma
  • LED
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent
  • Skin peels
  • Aqua Facial
  • Transdermy
  • Microneedling

Also as the skin is a living organ it is constantly ageing and changing, therefore treatments are not a single fix-all solution and will usually require more than one, which is why clinics usually recommend courses of six or eight treatments.

As most people have a number of concerns the ‘best facial treatments’ are the ones that contain two or three technologies addressing all your concerns at once, so be careful of clinics who try to recommend a course of single technologies to achieve your goals, as your will probably be recommended another course of a different technology for other concerns. This leads to the clinic maximising their profitability on the back of the client’s ignorance.

One other little known factor to take into account when discussing your goals with a skin specialist: The skin has a tendency to get bored with the same treatment and often requires a different technology after approximately 3 treatments. Mixing up technologies keeps the skin on it’s toes thereby maximising  the effectiveness of each treatment. So beware of buying a course 6 or 8 of a single technology when using multiple technologies would have better results.

So, how does your newly acquired knowledge help you to choose the ‘best facial treatments for you??

Essential Steps To Ensuring You Get ‘The Best Facial Treatment’ For Your Skin:

  1. Have a consultation with a skin Aesthetician at a reputable clinic
  2. Choose a ‘multiple technology’ option (Check the clinic’s website and ask if they sell a course of multiple technologies – Most companies will not do this)
  3. Ensure that every few treatments  the technologies are changed to maximise results.

Having been empowered with this new found knowledge check out the Beautology ‘Mytime Membership Programme’ which has been specifically created with the above in mind:

  • Each treatment lasts 65 minutes and performs resurfacing, stimulation and re-training
  • Multiple technologies are used in each treatment
  • To maximise results your Skin specialist is able to change the technologies as treatments progress without extra costs for most technologies
  • Each treatment is a fixed price and is based on a membership scheme with a minimum term of 3 treatments and therefore does not require commitment to purchasing a course of 6 or 8 treatments.

In summary, simply book in for a free consultation with a Beautology Skin Specialist by filling in the box below and get all your questions answered and find out what is the ‘Best Facial Treatment For You!!’

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